The Journey

Amanda is an ecletic artist, pulling inspiration from many genres, legends and unknowns. Everyday life is her muse. The struggle of survival in this cold, unbalanced world, is her fuel. Through Amanda's travels, both physical and metaphysical, she has gained insight and perspective which are seen in her self proclaimed 'Divine Moments of Expression'. 

Community Mural/Fundraiser

Facebook Ad, shot in L.A.

Born  to a working class family in the foothills of the Appalachias, Amanda grew up both loved and scarred.  Long before she discoverd the healing powers of plant life, her conscience was tested and raised via the suffering of poverty, bullying and a broken home. It wouldn't be until Amanda grew up,  raised three kids of her own and explored the world around her, that she would fully pursue her passion in the Arts. With the support and encouragemnet of a handful of collegues, Amanda now confidently strives to heal both herself and aid others on their journey to healing inflicted by the travesties of  a failed society. 


It is with great and benevolent intent that all who behold and interact with Amanda's Divine Moments of Expression are led to be more aware of self, thus fostering a healthier, more robust desire to engage with and support their fellow man and animal. 

Prince Tribute Back Drop for Prince Tribute Band 

Artfullyamanda enjoys traveling to paint or film promos on location, as well as painting for local venues such as theaters/amphitheaters, local/traveling bands, charity events and designing logos for non-profits.

Alex Grey inspired Backdrop for local Music Venue

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