LaManda Rose2021/01/25

Transgenderism: Origin Story

Image taken from a sales ad, depicting representatives of the hyper-sexulaized, hyper feminine movement made possbile by transhumanistic application. 

Trans peoples are suffering from Stockholm syndrome as a result of Puritan standards (male and female spheres/paradigm) which has been grossly perverted by a market economy that depends on gender segregation to perpetuate highly profitable market niches. That is to say, Puritans created the very monster they condemn by having placed such unambiguous emphasis on the *construct of gender roles.

 *Capitalism consumed the gender paradigm and spit out innumerable, highly profitable market niches, leading to the pervasiveness of gender-specific aesthetic, more recently leading to the nefarious promotion of transhumanism. None more prevalent to this day than the highly domesticated, hyper sexualized feminine standard.

Transhumanism, at its core, is the act of anatomy modification through implementation of technologically derived augmentations. (Meant for utilitarian purposes, not purely aesthetic.)

Men and women alike are utilizing these technologies solely for comestic goals, rendering themselves no more than plastic sex doll clones whilst believing [they] must secure inclusion within one gender sphere or the other lest [they] risk complete ostracism, going as far as to physically alter one's biochemistry in order to 'fit in' to the most relatable gender.

So ...trans, gay, binary, etc. people's aren't sinful or 'wrong' in any tangible sense. Nor are they the product of evil possession or homosexuality. Rather all these sects are the result of the monetary system exploiting the innate human need for inclusion by arbitrarily emphasizing (a.k.a. marketing) gender roles, causing people to become confused as to 'who they really are'.

And in searching for inclusion they force themselves to fit into just one sphere or the other (further proving the Stokholm effect resulting from hyper-emphasized gender roles).

In conclusion, by participating in the gender .... movement, you are NOT

exercising your 'liberties'

experiencing self agency

or realizing 'who you really are'.

But you ARE

playing right into the system that's designed to exploit your human nature

allowing yourself to be made a pawn of said system perpetrating archaic belief systems, namely the *artificial gender paradigm

aiding and abetting all the subsequent inequalities and suffering.

Furthermore, the fact that [these] people are somehow motivated to strive for aesthetic perfection is proof in and of itself that they are not victors, but victims of a system that gaslights them into believing they aren't good enough in their organic state of being.

Context clarification(s)

*Puritan gender spheres Recommended reading, 'The Cambridge Companion to Puritanism ' Also worth googling, 'American Puritanism/the career of'

*Capitalism - an economy based on capitalizing of assets, tangible or intangible verb - realize/convert into capital/take the chance to gain advantage from

* artificial gender paradigm A market capitalization of the natural gender hierarchy, resulting in a detrimental, cultural conditioning which upholds the market's monetized agenda.

Points of interest

Does this philosophy fortify the hypothesis which claims transgenderism and homosexuality are the result of a mental illness? (In this context, a complex developed by exposure to certain elements within one's environment, leading to the manifestation of symptoms.)

Do the cultural observations of some ancient societies debunk the claim that Puritan gender spheres are based directly on, (rather than derived from), pre-existing interpretations of gender roles as practiced globally, pre-Christianty? (In other words, to say that hyper-gender segregation is natural.)

What can be said for the fact that a large percentage of men who traverse the gender gap, then seek out a heterosexual relationship, implying [they] were homosexual all along but felt the need to 'fit in' to society's acceptable definition of an intimate relationship? More evidence of the detriments of hyper-generderized expectations?

Are men who traverse the gender gap, having a tendency to strive for a hyper feminine aesthetic (via the usual augmentations such as lip fillers, butt and breast implants and even bone restructuring), playing devil's advocate by both promoting society's toxic and biologically impossible demands on female anatomy while also subjecting one's self to the detriments of said demands?

Gender Fluid - Is it no more than the recognition of gender duality regarding the human experience/state of being, hence the answer to all of society's gender confusions?

LaManda Rose2021/01/25

India's Workforce Strike Part III

Follow this link for the latest update on this developing story.

LaManda Rose2021/01/10

'They're Right'

The thing is, [they're] right. No one should be paid that much to prepare your food. Cooking, caring for the sick, cleaning, teaching/mentoring, crafting/forging, pursuing our heirarchy of motivation, are innate human behaviors which were never meant to be monetized. Yet social conditioning has convinced society that none of these things can take place without first being monetarily incentivized. The notion is as preposterous as saying a fish would cease swimming if not paid enough to do so. You'd be totally disregarding the fact that the fish must swim to survive, and had been swimming all along, with no arbitrary motivators. And so, what we're now experiencing is a breach in the vacuum that is the monetary system. Things aren't flowing so smoothly now that momentum has been displaced. The artificial hierarchy is being encroached upon by the 'working class' who have no choice but to demand more pay from a sector of society that feeds off the purchasing power of the people. The rich can not remain rich if the purchasing power of the poor continues to dwindle. Yet, resolving the issue (by increasing the working class wages) would be defiant of the system that created class stratification to ensure status quo. In other words, paying someone to 'flip burgers' as much as someone else gets paid to manage a company, play football or hold an office of political authority, doesn't fit into the box we've been told is the only box that 'works'..

And that's precisely why the 'box' is going to collapse in on itself. L.R.

LaManda Rose2021/01/04

Healthcare Gouging: The Price We Pay

Check out the newest article posted to and keep scrolling for more headlines that highlight today's global issues from the moneyless society perspective. 

LaManda Rose2021/01/04

India's Workforce Strike Part III, COMING SOON

After reaching out to locals on the frontlines of the Farmer's Protest in India, one responded with this link to an independent newspaper located in the Indian state of Karnataka. A solemn reminder that only a nefariously designed system produces more causalities in the wake of a human rights movement. They want you to know they're sorry, but this is neccessary. மிக்க நன்றி to local corrrespondents for sharing this insight on current events.

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