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The Story Of The Century That YOUR Media Won't Show You

India's Workforce Strike, the story of the CENTURY that YOUR media won't show you. The oligarchy doesn't want you seeing this!! Google 'India's Workforce Strike' and you'll find only fringe and foreign coverage. Why? Because the corporations that are orchestrating this circus don't want you to be inspired by other global citizens who don't uphold their nefarious agendas.

Guess what?! Big Corp doesn't run the world ...yet. But it’s trying like hell to finish commandeering the last of the earth's precious resources and any means of production that can be monetized. This is why you won’t see coverage of this news story on Fox or CNN. Big Corp owns and dictates all major media outlets in the States and others of vested interest.

 Lately, India has become a prime target for privatization acts. PM Modi and his cabinet recently passed laws that directly harm the Indian farmers and their livelihoods. /This/, amidst years of outcry for more state-funded assistance in the agricultural sector. Instead of receiving the support they need, they were sold out to private investors. The result - not what Modi had in mind ... For months now the farmers of India and their supporters from other fields of service have been mobilizing and protesting in the streets of the country's capital, New Delhi. As well as other regions hit hardest by the new 'black laws', as they've been ominously dubbed. Hundreds of thousands -at one point in November (2020) - 250 MILLION protestors organized across India to protest the selling out of their country's primary source of income – agriculture.  There are many nuances to the movement, but the founding principle remains the same - to contest participation in a volatile market that WILL lead to the destitution of a large percentage of India's farmers as well as hard times in general, for all the rest.

There's much to be admired and even more to take away from this historical siege on Big Corp.

First of all, the sheer numbers of Indian citizens that united for this cause, are staggering. America could hardly become more polarized, so it's surreal to witness India's protest from the States.

The timeline of these events seems to be indefinite. How are the farmers, peasants, the elderly and young alike, withstanding the elements and the brute force of authority? Unity. In the simplest terms - the protesters have put aside their individuality in order to focus on the most optimal outcome for the whole body. In real time, they're taking care of each other, in the streets as well as at home by practicing comradery that's rarely seen among stratified sectors of society.

What is their biggest weapon against a government set on selling them out to private investors? Their labor. The refusal to produce. The refusal to comply with new labor regulations by the act of inaction. The ceasing of production (in this case, farming) leaves their government and the private investors no assets to profit off of.

What does any of this have to do with America? Wuh, I thought you'd never ask!

 A bit of history, first.

Malwai Food Shortage 2000-2002

 Malwai, a globally leading producer of maize (corn), had struggled consistently with 'hunger seasons' in which the population would suffer from food shortages. In part due to environmental causes, but grossly exacerbated by their leader's move to eliminate state funding and implement privatization. Under the advisement of international and donor influence, the Malwai government chose to reduce farming subsidies so to 'stimulate' the market. This resulted in the full privatization of the ADMARC. (The state-run market that formerly guaranteed subsidies and regulated market pricing.) Literally overnight the price of maize rose 340% and grain reserves were destroyed in order to produce scarcity, justifying the ever increasing price. Citizens began starving to death. A crisis that was compounded by the fact malnutrition leads to comprised immune health which lead to a skyrocket in deaths due to disease and illness such as Cholera, TB and AIDS. (Side note - One has to wonder, why would international and donor councils advise country leaders to privatize …? Maybe because the potential investors paid the council bribes, such as lobbyist do, to influence crucial market decisions …Sound familiar?)

Back to home base, here in the States we've been plagued by the effects of Big Corp since the first Mill house opened in 1800 n’ something, but blinded by the machine’s all too clever guise of 'normalcy'. It's 'normal' for people to sleep on the street in the snow. Its 'normal' for someone to die of cancer because the treatment is too expensive. Its 'normal' for your Granma to have to pick between buying her insulin or paying her light bill. It's normal for a young man to still be living in his family's basement at the age of thirty because the cost of living has more than

tripled since the hay day of his parent’s economy. Its ‘normal’ for children to go hungry because food that can’t be bought and paid for should be thrown away. Destroyed, Instead of eaten …Totally normal.

And so, the most profound take away from India’s workforce strike is this – [They], whom some would say are primitive or not as economically savvy as some of the rest of the industrialized world, recognize the pitfalls of allowing their livelihoods to rest in the hands of corporations with the money and power to destroy the stabilization of their existing market model. And they’re fighting like hell to keep it from happening. The real question is, if farmers in sandals wielding shovels and pitch forks can make a stand and hold out, enforcing the demands of their people, WHAT THE HELL IS KEEPING AMERICANS FROM DOING THE SAME?

You know what ..that’s like a ten part answer so let’s go with this –

America CAN take control back of the means of production and doing so won’t require the cinematic revolutionary siege of glorified violence that comes to mind when one imagines a nation in retaliation.

What if I told you that we the people can cripple the oligarchy by simply not reporting to work. By staying at home. By sleeping in. By hanging with the fam. By sharing a meal or two with the neighbors. By sharing services throughout our community. (Is there a doctor in the house?)

Imagine if you will, the industrial park in your home town. Still. Quiet. No guards at the gate. No glare from the rows of cars parked on the blacktop fields. No drumming and humming of machinery or smoke filling the air. A ghost town of factories, utterly vacant of human presence. If you think that sounds eerie, it’s nothing short of terrifying to the ruling class that depends on YOUR labor to fill THEIR pockets with the profit you generate via production of goods.

Just as with India, our most effective weapon is the withholding of our labor, subsequently the halting of production/services. Second only to UNITY. Coming together to finally make the differences that will lead our nation into a new era that’ll be designed to sustain, not oppress.

What do we stand to gain from such a seemingly radical yet effortless movement?  

Short term -

*The leverage to demand the needs of the people be met abundantly and swiftly.

(Those ‘needs’ would be prioritized in a way that standards of living are raised and security for the future is guaranteed. Everything from implementing UBI, even more short term – narrowing the gap between the cost of living and the standard income by increasing wages and lowering commodity and housing costs – to health care, to student loan debt, to a restructuring of the financing market and of course, to address the homeless crisis by demanding shelter via putting an end to property hoarding by the rich. )

*A functioning and beneficial diplomacy with the corporations and banks that would be otherwise crippled without our cooperation.

Long term –

A market that increasingly becomes more egalitarian in nature, eventually phasing out the positions that facilitate nefarious business practices.

How do we make it work?

1. Networking. LOTS of networking. Your employer should actually be clued in. Your coworkers. Your Ma and Pops, even your kids. You’ll be met with opposition along the way, but more important is the objective –to stand up for the whole, not lay down to protect one’s own fragile ego.

The way you create space for your protest is by being genuine and peaceful. Tell those you feel need to know that you are boycotting work. That is, you won’t be reporting to work for x amount of days. Of course, optimally, large numbers would boycott work simultaneously in order to effect the greatest impact. Wait –I know what you’re thinking – You’ll get fired, your job may not be there when you return, what if my leave of absence makes it harder on those that are still reporting to work, etc., etc. My question to you is “What’s new, considering that’s exactly the environment we’ve been dealing with since Lockdowns were imposed in March of this year?”   

2. Organize a share hub with your closest neighbors (Family and friends too, but to be practical and most sustainable, your next door neighbors are the best candidate, if at all compliable.)

3. In order for the former to work out, this next rule of thumb is crucial - Don’t hoard all the toilet paper. SHARE IT. By rushing to the grocery store and gathering up every roll of Charmin in sight, you’re imitating the ruling class by creating scarcity. Same goes for food and all other necessities.  Don’t hoard. Share. The entire body must be strong, for a few weak links can break the chain.

The discussion that needs to be had regarding the downward spiral of our socioeconomical model is a multi-layered one that demands dedication to understanding the challenges at hand, resolution making and intent to follow through, all whilst accepting that fact that none of this is going to be rewarded with money or fame. The reward is much greater – the manifestation of a society in which basic needs are abundantly met and the only that’s scarce is cultural violence.

Who’s ready to have this discussion?

Who’s ready to participate in the pièce de résistance of revolutions?

Who’s ready to make the world the place you want for you and your children?


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